Area: Public International Law and International Relations



Doctor by the Universidad de Jaén with the thesis La teoría jurídica del consenso y margen de apreciación de los estados en materia de orientación sexual estudio comparado de la jurisprudencia del tribunal europeo de derechos humanos y la corte interamericana de derechos humanos 2016. Supervised by Dr. Víctor Luis Gutiérrez Castillo, Dr. Daniel Borrillo.

Dr. Jonatán Cruz Ángeles graduated in Law from the University of Jaén. After his degree, he completed two specialized Masters: the Master in Autonomous and Local Law at the University of Cordoba with an average grade of outstanding (1) and the Interuniversity Master in Diplomacy and International Relations offered by the Diplomatic School of Madrid, belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2). PhD by the University of Jaén in its program of Social and Legal Studies (RD 1393/2007) in international co-tutelage with the Université Paris X, Ouest-Nanterre, La Défense, after the defense of his thesis entitled: "The theory of consensus and margin of appreciation of the States in matters of sexual orientation: comparative study between the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights", obtaining the highest qualification (Outstanding: CUM LAUDE). Said work has obtained the Extraordinary Doctoral Award of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences (Promotion 2016-17). His academic and research career has a marked international character. Thanks to his training in languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German), he has carried out research and training stays in centers of recognized prestige in her area of studies -both in America and in Europe-, financed with grants obtained on a competitive basis. Among these, we can highlight a grant for the requalification of university professors (Next Generation Program of the European Commission) at the Centre de Droit International (CEDIN) of the Université Paris X, Nanterre (academic year 2022-23). Versatility and interdisciplinarity stand out in his career. This is demonstrated by more than fifty contributions to congresses, conferences, seminars and other meetings of scientific relevance in several countries in America (see Brazil, Colombia or Uruguay), Europe (see Belgium, France, Italy or Poland) and Morocco. His main line of research deals with "Human Security and Society 5.0". Focusing on the following three sub-themes: (1) Gender and affective-sexual diversity, (2) Migratory processes and (3) Information and communication technologies. Currently, Dr. Cruz Ángeles holds a position as Associate Professor, is the Coordinator of the Area of Public International Law and International Relations and holds the position of Secretary of the Department of Public and Common European Law of the University of Jaén. At the UJA, he is a member of the Worker's Committee (Union Representative - CSIF) and participates as an active member of the research group SEJ-399 European Common Law and International Studies (DECOMESI). In addition, he is the Delegate of the European Alliance NEOLAiA (WP3), with an allocated budget of more than 14 million euros, led by the University of Jaén (, integrated in the Vice-rectorate for Equality, Diversity and Social Responsibility.