Desarrollo de elastómeros respetuosos con el medio ambiente para aplicación en vías ferroviarias

  1. Botello Rojas, Faiver
Supervised by:
  1. Isidro Alfonso Carrascal Vaquero Director
  2. José Antonio Casado del Prado Director

Defence university: Universidad de Cantabria

Fecha de defensa: 20 May 2022

  1. R. Arcos Chair
  2. Soraya Diego Cavia Secretary
  3. Miguel del Sol Sánchez Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 723993 DIALNET


Nowadays, the construction of high-speed lines, conventional railways and metropolitan railways is associated with the problem of the transmission of vibrations generated by the passage of trains, both on tracks on ballast and on concrete slab tracks, a problem that must necessarily be solved to guarantee the comfort of passengers, as well as that of the citizens who live in the vicinity of these railway infrastructures. This is the origin of this doctoral thesis entitled "Development of environmentally friendly elastomers for railway applications", in which the following stages are described: 1. Development of two solutions, an elastomeric mat for ballasted tracks and an elastic pad for slab tracks, based on the use of end-of-life tires. 2. Laboratory evaluation to determine the long-term behavior and durability of the elements developed in the presence of loads that simulate the passage of vehicles. 3. Execution and monitoring of two full-scale test sections, where the under-ballast mat and the elastic pad were implemented with optimum results.