Impact of ICT on the teaching of Physical Education: a bibliometric research study

  1. Antonio Manuel Rodríguez García
  2. José María Romero Rodríguez
  3. Miriam Agreda Montoro
Education, Sport, Health and Physical Activity (ESHPA): International Journal

ISSN: 2603-6789

Year of publication: 2019

Volume: 3

Issue: 1

Pages: 1-14

Type: Article

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  • Year 2019
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Introduction: Information and Communication Technologies have influenced the practice and development of Physical Education, with more and more inventions that technology contributes to the field of health and sports. Aim: In this paper, we present a bibliometric research that aims to analyze the impact of research, which combines physical education and ICT as the central axes of their work. Methods: For this, a combined search has been carried out using keywords: Physical Education” “AND” “ICT” on the Scopus database. Forty-eight documents were analyzed based on nine variables: year of publication, source files, authors more scientific, countries, type of publication, language, and most cited work area. Results & discussion: The results show a progressive evolution around the scientific interest that relates physical education with ICT in an international way. Other results suggest that scientific journals are the main means of publication, as well as congresses. Finally, there is a greater scientific production from Spain and from the University of Thessaly (Greece). Conclusions: The research that links ICT with Physical Education has been increasing during the last years because they have become an integral component of the curriculums and the professions of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.