Competencias personales, bienestar y gestión emocional a través de la metodología Dragon Dreaming. Proyecto de innovación docente.

  1. Raquel Pérez-Ordás
  2. Nieves Moyano Muñoz
  3. Manuel Alcaraz Iborra
Inteligencia Emocional y Bienestar IV: reflexiones, experiencias profesionales e investigaciones
  1. José Luis Soler Nages (coord.)
  2. José Javier Pedrosa Laplana (coord.)
  3. Alfonso Royo Montané (coord.)
  4. Rafael Sánchez Sánchez (coord.)
  5. Verónica Sierra Sánchez (coord.)

Éditorial: Ediciones Universidad de San Jorge

ISBN: 978-84-09-32613-6

Année de publication: 2021

Pages: 244-253

Congreso: Congreso Internacional de Inteligencia Emocional y Bienestar (4. 2021. Zaragoza)

Type: Communication dans un congrès


This work explains the development of a teaching innovation project carried out with senior students of undergraduate university studies. This project consisted in the creation of a working group of students led by a teacher who carried out tutoring and accompaniment tasks. The participants have been enrolled into the educational system since they were 3 years old and suddenly, when they are about to finish their degree, the world stands up in front of them and for the first time, they have to face the uncertainty of the working world. The project was carried out under the Dragon Dreaming methodology (initially aimed at creating common projects). This methodology was applied for the personal and professional individual projects of the participating students. This methodology is based on awakening their creativity and connection with oneself and others. Objectives related to the development of inter and intrapersonal skills for decision making and emotional management related to overcoming the last year of their degree and their prospects for career opportunities were addressed. Communication skills were also approached and concerns not only professional, but also personal. The document we present addresses the proposed objectives, methodology, evaluation of the project and possible projection in other contexts or degrees.