La responsabilidad social corporativa y su importancia en el espacio europeo de educación superior

  1. Puentes Poyatos, Raquel
  2. Antequera Solís, José Miguel
  3. Velasco Gámez, María del Mar
Estableciendo puentes en una economía global
  1. Pindado García, Julio (coord.)
  2. Payne, Gregory (coord.)

Publisher: Escuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing, ESIC

ISBN: 978-84-7356-556-1

Year of publication: 2008

Volume Title: Comunicaciones

Volume: 2

Pages: 48

Congress: Asociación Europea de Dirección y Economía de Empresa. Congreso Nacional (22. 2008. Salamanca)

Type: Conference paper


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Every day is giving more importance to the responsible actions by companies, and there has been great interest in the social and environmental impact they have on society. Consumers ask for the companies to be responsible both for the economic aspect and their social and environmental responsibilities. A model of corporate governance is being demanded to take into consideration the social and environmental implications of their actions, as well as considering the interests of its stakeholders, in other words, they consider the impact of their actions on three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. The traditional business model where the ultimate strategic goal was the creation of shareholder value, is being replaced by social and economic model, showing the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR onwards), and depending on what the ultimate objective of the company is to create value for society as a whole, and especially for their interest groups or stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, general public, the environment, etc. ..). In this way. putting the CSR in use by the companies in their daily activity, it helps to create a committed Europe with sustainable development. The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) plays an important part to one hand, training professionals committed to ethical values and sustainability, and secondly, for the development and promotion of CSR as a model of corporate governance responsible. After analyzing the RSC importance, as motivator of sustainable development, it has on the new educational model of EHEA, the purpose of the article will be to define conceptually and study the principles and dimensions that conforms it to highlight the importance of encouraging and supporting a social responsibility in businesses.