El desplazamiento en la zona de falla de Crevillenteaportaciones sedimentológicas preliminares

  1. L. Nieto
  2. J. Rey
Geotemas (Madrid)

ISSN: 1576-5172

Year of publication: 2000

Issue Title: V Congreso Geológico de España (Alicante, 10-14 julio 2000)

Issue: 1

Pages: 257-260

Type: Article

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The Crevillente Fault Zone (CFZ) is a very large strike-slip fault (plate-scale fault). For a logstretch it runs ENE-WSW between Cádiz and Alicante towns. Sedimentologic and stratigraphiccriteria are used in this paper as preliminary data for evaluate their strike-slip component. AMiddle Jurassic unit of oolithic turbidites is studied in Sierra de Ricote (Mid-Subbetic RealmofMurcia province). This unit outcrops between two also Mid-Jurassic units of pelagic sediments.Regional data shows that the source area of these turbidites could be located in the InnerSubbetic Realm, north Vêlez Rubio (Almería province), between Piedras Bermejas and BarrancoMolina outcrops. At present, Sierra de Ricote outcrop and the outcrops north of Vêlez Rubio arevery distant and separate by CFZ. The palinpastic restitution, obtained from the stratigraphic andsedimentologic data, has permitted calculate a strike-slip component of CFZ with displacementvalues of 75 to WO km.