Desintegración de la plataforma jurásica prebética (Sierra de las Salinas, provincia de Alicante)correlación con dominios subbéticos

  1. L. Nieto
  2. J. Rey
Geotemas (Madrid)

ISSN: 1576-5172

Any de publicació: 2000

Títol de l'exemplar: V Congreso Geológico de España (Alicante, 10-14 julio 2000)

Número: 1

Pàgines: 253-256

Tipus: Article

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Oolithic limestones are the main facies of the Middle Jurassic record in the Sierra of Salinas section (Prebetic Domain, Alicante Province). This oolithic unit is interpreted as a shallow carbonate platform close to the continent in the southibeiran paleomargin. In the Upper Jurassic record, pelagic facies typifies this section. The boundary between these two groups of facies is represented by an irregular surface with some associated palaeofaults affecting the oolitic limestones. Nodular limestones lies directly this irregular surface. From biostratigraphic data astratigraphic gap comprising a Bathonian p.p. to lower Oxfordian age is infered. In this time interval a fracturing phase and the break of the Prebetic platform occurred. This event iscorrelated with another detected in the Subbetic Domain, also belonging to Southiberian Palaeomargin. As example, in the Reclot Unit, which correspond to a pelagic swell during Bathonian p.p. to lower Oxfordian age, it is possible determine a stratigraphic gap bounding two tectonosedimentaries cycles of Dogger and Malm age respectively. In these two examples analysed here, a clear tectonic control for the sedimentary break can be deduced.