La ruptura de la plataforma carbonatada liásica en la Unidad de Jabalcuz (dominio intermedio, prov. de Jaén)

  1. Nieto Albert, Luis Miguel
  2. Ruiz Ortiz, Pedro Alejandro
  3. Rey Sanz, Javier

ISSN: 0213-683X

Any de publicació: 2002

Número: 32

Pàgines: 279-282

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Geogaceta


The break-up of the lower Liassic carbonate platform (Fm Gavilán) in the Jabalcuz area records a variety of sedimentary models of this event. Two fracture phases related to the genesis of the Fm GavUán-top unconformity have been recognized. These fracture phases and sea-level fluctuations were responsible for the differentiation of areas where, 1) condensed levels on relative submarine highs, 2) fault-related carbonate clastic wedges, and 3) paleokarst and related features on relatively more elevated and temporary emerged areas, were deposited. The presence of all this sedimentary models in a same laterally continuous outcrop, is really exceptional in the whole Betic External Zones