París, itinerario artístico en la obra de Enrique Gómez Carrillo

  1. María José Sueza Espejo
Supervised by:
  1. Encarnación Medina Arjona Director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Year of defence: 2008

  1. Francisco Javier del Prado Biezma Chair
  2. Genara Pulido Tirado Secretary
  3. María Dolores Bermúdez Medina Committee member
  4. Àngels Santa Bañeres Committee member
  5. Mercè Boixareu Vilaplana Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The capital of France is the indisputable protagonist of the works by Enrique Gomez Carrillo (1873-1927), a Guatemaltecan journalist and an important representative of modernist literature who, from the end of the nineteenth century till his death, lived in Paris. As a Spanish-language journalist, he reported cultural news of this city (as well as other European issues of interest) to both Spanish and Spanish-American audiences. He loved Paris, which he saw as a synonym of bohemian culture and art and as the ideal city for intellectuals, a vision which he widely disseminated through his varied work (comprising articles, autobiography, novels, travel journals, First-World-War chronicles …). The aim of this thesis is to analyze Carrillo’s works by focusing on their references to Paris, so as to reach meaningful conclusions about his idiosyncratic contribution to the construction of the myth of cosmopolitan Paris as the most important cultural focus in Europe.