Datación de niveles condensadosPrecisiones cronoestratigráficas utilizando estratigrafía de isótopos de Sr

  1. Ruiz Ortiz, Pedro Alejandro
  2. Benito Moreno, María Isabel
  3. Nieto Albert, Luis Miguel
  4. Rey Sanz, Javier

ISSN: 0213-683X

Any de publicació: 2005

Número: 38

Pàgines: 87-90

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Geogaceta


The values of the ratio 87 Sr / 86 Sr in 16 belemnites samples from three sections of the upper part of the Gavilán Fm. of the Subbetic chain are analyzed. Elemental and C and O stable isotopes analysis were also made focused to test the preservation of primary marine calcite. The results of this study confirm the chronostratigraphy significance of Sr Isotope Stratigraphy from Pliensbachian belemnites. The interpretation of the results elucidates the age of the hardground or condensed level that supplies the belemnites rostra after adjusting the 87 Sr / 86 Sr ratio to pre-existing curves.