1. Radio emitting x-ray binaries 1993

    Universitat de Barcelona

Theses Committees (15)

  1. Secretary of the Committee

    Study of the extreme gamma-ray emission from supernova remnants and the crab pulsar 2018

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Daniel Galindo Fernández

  2. Chair of the Committee

    Radio emission of binary stars in the AB Doradus moving group 2016

    Universitat de València

    Rebecca Azulay Romero

  3. Chair of the Committee

    Observational and theoretical study of the interaction of relativistic winds from young pulsars with inhomogeneous stellar winds 2016

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Xavier Paredes Fortuny

  4. Committee Member

    Multi-wavelength polarimetric studies of relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei 2016

    Universidad de Granada

    Carolina Casadio

  5. Chair of the Committee

    Non-thermal emission from high-energy binaries through interferometric radio observations 2015

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Benito Marcote Martín

  6. Chair of the Committee

    Automatic source detection in astronomical images 2014

    Universitat de Girona

    Marc Masias Moyset

  7. Secretary of the Committee

    High energy processes in young stellar objects and high-mass X-ray binaries 2014

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Pere Munar Adrover

  8. Committee Member

    Estudio de las regiones más internas en jets relativistascampo magnético y estructura del jet en el quásar NRAO 150 2014

    Universidad de Granada

    Sol Natalia Molina

  9. Chair of the Committee

    The nature of the radio emission from stellar winds in wolf-rayet binary stars 2011

    Universidad de Granada

    Gabriela Montes

  10. Committee Member

    High angular resolution study of the earliest stages of star formation 2010

    Universidad de Granada

    Carlos Eugenio Carrasco González

  11. Committee Member

    Radio astronomical study of the physical conditions, kinematics and chemistry of the environment surrounding low-mass young stellar objects 2006

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

    Itziar de Gregorio Monsalvo

  12. Committee Member

    Broadband emission from high-energy processes in microquasars 2006

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Valentí Bosch Ramon

  13. Committee Member

    Discovery and study of the microquasar LS 5039 and a search of new microquasars 2002

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Marc Ribó Gomis

  14. Committee Member

    Radioemisión de supernovas y astrometría de alta precisión 1999

    Universitat de València

    Miguel Ángel Pérez Torres

  15. Committee Member

    Close approaches of stars to the solar system based on Hipparcos data 1999

    Universitat de Barcelona

    Joan García Sánchez