Adaptación transcultural y validación de instrumentos de medida

  1. García Molina, P.
  2. Balaguer López, E.
  3. Verdú Soriano, J.
  4. García Fernández, F.P.
Investigación y cuidados

ISSN: 1698-4587

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 12

Issue: 30

Pages: 6-9

Type: Article

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Nurses, increase the use of questionnaires and measurement instruments in daily practice. You need to ensure that these instruments are valid and reliable measure that for which they were designed. Before implementing a universal tool, it must go through processes of adaptation and validation in the context of use. The objetive of this article is to describe the process that has been undertaken in the fi rst phase of adaptation, and validation of a scale Castilian risk assessment of pressure ulcers (UPP) in neonatal population, Neonatal SkinRisckAssessmentScale (NSRAS). After the process of translation and back-translation version of NSRAS semantically adapted to Spanish scale is obtained. This scale is subjected to metric analysis to determine your -Validity content validity, validity of builders and intra- and interobserver reliability -concordancia and international consistency in the application context (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Hospital Neonatal Units). By applying a rating scale, it is guaranteed that this use has been submitted to processes that demonstrate their metric properties.