Tras los pasos de Asdrúbal Barcael Proyecto Metauro

  1. Juan Pedro Bellón Ruiz
  2. Miguel Ángel Lechuga Chica
  3. Carmen Rueda Galán
  4. Oscar Mei
  5. M.ª Isabel Moreno Padilla
  6. Carolina Castuera Bravo
  7. Fernando Quesada Sanz
  8. María Sedeño Ráez
  9. Lorenzo Cariddi
Informes y Trabajos: Excavaciones en el exterior

Year of publication: 2023

Issue: 21

Pages: 111-125

Type: Article


The Metauro Project continues the line of research on the archaeological analysis of battlefields initiated with the case of the Battle of Baecula by the Institute of Iberian Archaeology of the University of Jaén. The first results are presented, focused on the research approach, as well as a first analysis of the lead sling-bullets from the Fossombrone Civic Museum collection.