Milling Wheat and Barley with Rotary Querns: The Ouarten Women (Dahmani, El Kef, Tunisia)

  1. Alonso Martínez, Natalia
  2. Cantero, Francisco José
  3. Jornet, Rafel
  4. López, Daniel
  5. Montes, Eva
  6. Valenzuela, Sílvia
Seen through a millstone. Geology and archaeology of quarries and mills. Bergen (Norway) Bryggens Museum, Bergen, Norway 19 - 21’Th of October 2011

Publisher: Archaeological Museum of Stavanger

ISBN: 978-82-7760-158-8

Year of publication: 2014

Pages: 11-30

Type: Conference paper


Women of the Ouarten Berber tribe (Kef, western Tunisia) still manually perform many of the domestic tasks related to thepreparation of cereals for consumption: cleaning, roasting and milling with rotary querns. These tasks have been studied from anethnoarchaeological perspective within the framework of the research project “Ouarten: ethnoarchéologie d’une tribe berbère enTunisie (Kef)”. The manual cleaning and grinding of bread and durum wheat, the cleaning, roasting and milling of hulled barley,as well as the cooking of the different cereals, have been recorded. This study presents the different steps of each process, thepresent-day tools and technical skills, as well as the different products, by-products and residues resulting from each stage of theoperation