Las elecciones municipales de 2023 en Españala consolidación de una dinámica de bloques

  1. Juan Montabes Pereira
  2. Francisco Javier Alarcón González
  3. José Manuel Trujillo Cerezo
Más poder local

ISSN: 2172-0223

Year of publication: 2023

Issue Title: Comunicación digital en campañas electorales

Issue: 53

Pages: 88-105

Type: Article

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The regional and municipal elections held on May 28, 2023 could be considered as the culmination of a change of cycle. They complete a process marked in both areas by the hegemony of the conservative forces of the right and extreme right, in terms of the orientation of the vote. At the same time, the stabilization of the average patterns of mobilization marked up to now in this participatory sphere (local and regional) places electoral participation in this case as a variable independent of orientation. The elements of continuity in participation at its average levels, contrasts with the patterns of change, or its consolidation, in the orientation of the vote and the governability of these political and electoral spaces. The immediate call for general elections for the Congress of Deputies and Senate (only one day after the celebration of these local and autonomic elections) places these elections, normally considered of second order, in a privileged analysis position with respect to the first level elections scheduled for July 23, 2023