Biomechanical assessment and efficacy of the implementation of running retraining programs in long distance runners

  1. Alejandro Molina Molina
Supervised by:
  1. Víctor Manuel Soto Hermoso Director
  2. Pedro Ángel Latorre Román Director

Defence university: Universidad de Granada

Fecha de defensa: 06 March 2023

  1. Luis Enrique Roche Seruendo Chair
  2. Belén Cueto Martín Secretary
  3. Ana Vanessa Bataller Cervero Committee member
  4. María del Carmen García Ríos Committee member
  5. Daniel Jerez Mayorga Committee member

Type: Thesis


Introduction. Running as an activity to improve health and personal performance has become increasingly widespread among the popular population. This popular phenomenon of running is due to, among other factors, the satisfaction of physical and psychological health needs, the achievement of goals, tangible rewards, social influences and easy availability. However, today, runners suffer injuries at a high rate despite scientific and technological advances in running, training control, technique and footwear. Progress in describing the biomechanical characteristics of these runners is necessary in terms of injury prevention and performance improvement. Footstrike pattern has been associated with risk factors for running injuries and running economy in endurance runners. However, few studies have been carried out in real competition situations or on mass populations. In addition, previous studies have demonstrated, separately, the effects of barefoot running and increasing cadence with similar results, such as the alteration of spatiotemporal parameters, lower limb kinematics, postural balance and walking foot motion. However, there is uncertainty in the evaluation of these programmes in the same study population with similar training loads. General aim. To analyse biomechanical indicators of human running locomotion, under natural and non-invasive conditions (in competition), and its optimisation through the implementation of running retraining programs in recreational endurance runners.