Application of the circular economy in the chestnut production cycle

  1. Iván Costa Trigo
Supervised by:
  1. José Manuel Domínguez González Director
  2. Nelson Pérez Guerra Director

Defence university: Universidade de Vigo

Fecha de defensa: 19 December 2022

  1. Encarnación Ruiz Ramos Chair
  2. José Manuel Salgado Seara Secretary
  3. Isabel Cristina Aguiar de Sousa e Silva Gouveia Committee member

Type: Thesis


Galicia is a benchmark at the national and international level in the agro-food industry and one of the most important industry is that of chestnut. Generating approximately 7000 tonnes of this food per year for the elaboration of different products such as glacé brown, flour or chestnut puree, among others. This type of industry generates a series of residues (leaves, pruning, burrs ...) that can be reused, giving them added value, in addition to prevent them from being fanned out or poorly managed. These residues are sources of sugars, these after various chemical and biological treatments result in bioactive molecules (lactic acid, bacteriocins and biosurfactants) with appreciated industrial properties.