1. Valverde Ibáñez, Manuel
  2. de la Casa Cárdenas, Jesús
  3. Gómez González, Manuel
  4. Iglesias Godino, Francisco Javier
  5. López García, Ana Belén
  6. Martínez Muñoz, Damian
  7. Suarez Guerra, Fernando
  1. 1 University of Jaén (SPAIN)
ICERI2022 Proceedings

ISSN: 2340-1095

Argitalpen urtea: 2022

Orrialdeak: 3051-3061

Biltzarra: 15th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation

Mota: Biltzar ekarpena

DOI: 10.21125/ICERI.2022.0761 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openSarbide irekia editor


The management process of a higher education institution in the university field is made up of a number of specific actions that must be planned prior to the beginning of each academic year and that must be developed during the course in question, considering a determined order and guidelines. In this sense, the Linares School of Engineering management team (University of Jaén, Spain), taking into account previous experiences in the field of managing a higher education institution, has decided to implement a management system for its processes in an optimized way, using the available and appropriate tools for this that Google Workspace offers. Tasks such as the management of the quality assurance system, the planning of the annual teaching plan of the course through the implementation of the schedules of the different classes, the procedure for developing the final degree projects or the management of occupation and use of multidisciplinary research laboratory teams, have been dealt with through the application of collaborative documentation systems (Google Drive, Google Docs), the use of forms (Google Form), the development of work templates (Google Sheets) or the organization of coordination and teaching planning meetings (Google Meet). Fortunately, the results obtained are completely positive, since it has been possible to optimize the management system of the university institution, minimizing administrative work times, favouring collaborative work and increasing the confidence of users in the different tasks that they must carry out during an academic year. Finally, given that the set of applications offered by Google Workspace is in a process of updating and continuous improvement, the proposed management system is simultaneously in a state of continuous optimization, offering an increasing number of possibilities.