Effects of Mind-Body Training as a Mental Health Therapy in Adults with Diabetes Mellitus Type II: A Systematic Review

  1. Ruiz-Ariza, B.
  2. Hita-Contreras, F.
  3. Rodríguez-López, C.
  4. Rivas-Campo, Y.
  5. Aibar-Almazán, A.
  6. Carcelén-Fraile, M.D.C.
  7. Castellote-Caballero, Y.
  8. Afanador-Restrepo, D.F.
Journal of Clinical Medicine

ISSN: 2077-0383

Year of publication: 2023

Volume: 12

Issue: 3

Type: Review

DOI: 10.3390/JCM12030853 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor