Gestión del Proceso Asistencial del Parto Eutócico

  1. María J. Gomáriz Rodríguez
  2. Francisco Javier Ruiz Peregrina
  3. M. Prado Amián
  4. J. F. Lacal Granados
  5. F.D. Castellano Ibáñez
Metas de enfermería

ISSN: 1138-7262

Year of publication: 2003

Volume: 6

Issue: 54

Pages: 50-53

Type: Article

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Health authorities are continuously endeavouring to find a better way to deliver top quality healthcare. This healthcare provision must match the expectations of the users as much as possible and in so doing cover their needs in the best possible way. Moreover, efforts are made to make healthcare services efficient and for health professionals to have appropriate guidelines on which to base their work, thereby avoviding unnecessary work and repetition of activities. Because of all of this, the Andalusian Regional Health Authorities proposed for 2001 the implantation of healthcare processes in the different hospitals of their region. This work describes the project for the management of the eutocic delivery process that will be put into effect over the next few months, and which we believe will be served as a reference point for the development of other projects.