Califas, élites y servidores en el Alcázar de Madīnat al-Zahrā’ a la luz de su arquitectura residencial

  1. Antonio Vallejo
  2. Irene Montilla Torres
Intus - legere: historia

ISSN: 0718-5456 0719-8949

Year of publication: 2021

Issue Title: La península ibérica entre la Antigüedad Tardía y la Alta Edad Media (siglos VI-XI)

Year: 15

Issue: 2

Pages: 183-215

Type: Article

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We offer an overview of the inhabitants of the Alcázar based on the analysis of archaeological indicators of some of the buildings that make up its private sector. These indicators allow us to identify four types of residents who lived and / or carried out their work in the Palace: the caliph and the heir, the administrative elite of the state, the functionaries who supervised the domestic maintenance tasks and, finally, the servants who carried them out.