1. AHUMADA, Ignacio
Hikma: estudios de traducción = translation studies

ISSN: 1579-9794

Year of publication: 2006

Issue: 5

Pages: 3-13

Type: Article

DOI: 10.21071/HIKMA.V5I5.6680 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Throughout the years that Antonio Nebrija had been under the patronage of Juan of Estúñiga (1487-1504), he worked on the general dictionary of the Latin language based on "almost four hundred very well- considered authors". This dictionary was to be the base for a second repertoire: a semi-bilingual dictionary of Spanish with Latin, that is, a dictionary "where we interpret the words of Romance and the barbarie already made Spanish with a brief statement in every one". The impatience of his patron led him to resolve this project with the title we know today as Lexicón o Diccionario latino-español (1492) or as Vocabulario o Diccionario español-latino (c. 1495). Afew years after, he would re-structure the original idea building of three dictionaries in progress, one of one of common law, another of medicine and a third on the Scriptures.