Análisis, diseño y fabricación del prototipo de la máquina de vapor Cornish

  1. María Pérez Viedma
  2. Rafael López García
  3. Eloisa Torres Jiménez
  4. Rubén Dorado Vicente
  5. Alberto García-Collado
Técnica industrial

ISSN: 0040-1838

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 330

Pages: 36-45

Type: Article

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This work in the field of the history of mechanical engineering and of machines and mechanisms tries to delve into the principle of operation of the Cornish type steam engine with a description of it, the components involved in it and their peculiarities. This principle of operation includes the theoretical thermodynamic analysis that describes its vapor cycle. Likewise, a mechanical analysis has been carried out in one of the elements in order to know more in depth some parameters and the forces to which said element was subjected. On the other hand, a prototype of the machinery has been rebuilt to scale using different types of technologies and materials. For this reconstruction, the model has been designed with CAD program for a better visualization of the final result.