Evolución de la ultramicrofábrica de los peloides en el proceso de maduración

  1. Delgado Calvo-Flores, Rafael
  2. Fernández-González, María Virginia
  3. Gámiz, Encarnación
  4. Martín García, Juan Manuel
  5. Márquez Crespo, Rocío
  6. Delgado Calvo-Flores, Gabriel
Anales de hidrología médica

ISSN: 1887-0813 1988-8317

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 4

Pages: 81-91

Type: Article

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The ultramicrofabric (or fabric studied below the resolution limit of optical microscopy techniques of scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis and image analysis) offers new perspectives for studying the processes of maturation of peloids. The ultramicrofabric has been used successfully in Soil Science for solving genetic problems. In peloids, studies on the ultramicrofabric are rare, although the reported results have a great future. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate, in various peloids prepared with mineral and mineromedicinal waters of the province of Granada, the evolution of ultramicrofabric with maturation time. The solid phase of the peloid was a mixture of kaolin-bentonite in proportion 9:1 (w: w). We used the spa waters and springs of La Malahá, Alicún de las Torres, Zújar, Graena and Lanjarón (Capuchina, Salud V and El Salado). As a contrast and a blank sample, a peloid with bidistilled water was prepared. The times of maturation were one, three and six months. The matured samples of peloid were cryophilized, lyophilized and metallized prior to microscopic observation. The fabric of peloids is composed of patterns based on laminar morphologies of the particles. Dispersed fabrics are recognized (sometimes prone to form blocks or a lattice), honeycomb, and massive house of cards. The porosity estimated by image analysis can exceed 30%. The fabric study can set that the optimum of maturation time more frequent in the studied peloids is three months; although the fabric of the peloids in 48 hours reach a remarkable evolution.