Análisis bibliométrico y evaluación de algunas variables que influyen en el impacto de una revista odontológica

  1. Pilar Valderrama
Supervised by:
  1. Manuel Escabias Machuca Director
  2. Evaristo Jiménez Contreras Director

Defence university: Universidad de Granada

Fecha de defensa: 21 December 2020

  1. Ana María Aguilera del Pino Chair
  2. Carmen Gálvez Secretary
  3. Juan Carlos Ruiz Molina Committee member
  4. Laura Ceballos García Committee member
  5. Rafael Aleixandre Benavent Committee member

Type: Thesis


The study developed has focused on a very specific area such as Dentistry, which is like a summary of Medicine focused on the mouth. Statistical methods, both parameric and nonparametric, such as analysis of variance, multiple linear regression, logistic regression and ordinal regression have been applied for the analysis. Likewise, a bibliometric analysis of the journal entitled Oral Medicine Oral Pathology and Oral Surgery, which is the only spanish Odontology journal included in the JCR list, has been carried out during the 2008-18 period. Taking the JIF as a basis for evaluating the quality of a journal, the objective of this doctoral thesis is to analyze the influence on the JIF of bibliometric variables such as the average number of articles published annually, the h-index of both the journal itself and from its editor, the percentage of articles published in the journal that have received external funding for their execution, the degree of adherence to the CONSORT standards and recommendations of the International Committee of Journal Medical Editors (ICMJE), the structure and scope of the journal, the percentage of review articles, both narrative and systematic, meta-analysis and clinical trials, etc. As main conclusions, it should be noted that the journals of the first and second quartil showed a trend to publish a greater number of systematic reviews and meta-analysis, and that the variables that are most influential in the JIF are the journal's h-index, the percentage of articles that have received external funding and the degree of adherence to the ICMJE recommendations.