Evaluación del aprendizaje en estudiantes de Pedagogía en São Luís (Maranhão-Brasil)

  1. Souza Soares de Quadros, Mara Rachel
Dirigida per:
  1. Lucía Herrera Torres Director/a

Universitat de defensa: Universidad de Granada

Fecha de defensa: 28 de de juliol de 2020

  1. María del Carmen Pichardo Martínez President/a
  2. Gracia Jiménez Fernández Secretari/ària
  3. María Dolores Seijo Martínez Vocal
  4. Manuel Jesús de la Torre Cruz Vocal
  5. Raquel Gilar Corbi Vocal

Tipus: Tesi


The objective of this doctoral thesis is to analyze the learning of Brazilian university students, taking into consideration their satisfaction in relation to the educational infrastructure, the teaching-learning process and the study techniques used according to three variables: gender, institution of higher education and academic year. The research approach followed is quantitative, using an empirical-analytical social research method of a descriptive, transversal nature. For this, 560 students from three institutions of higher education that offered the Pedagogy Course in the city of São Luís-Maranhão (Brazil) participated. As a means to collect information, the Student Satisfaction Questionnaire and evaluation of study techniques were used, for which their psychometric characteristics (reliability and validity) were guaranteed. The results indicated that the quality of the educational infrastructure and the teaching-learning process have a great impact on student satisfaction. Regarding learning, participants were found to have adequate study conditions and to plan the content to study. However, they do not invest time in their daily studies, they are not self-regulated and use superficial learning strategies. Thus, the study confirms the importance of considering student satisfaction in the teaching-learning process, also observing the central role played by the support infrastructure, as well as the relevance of knowing how to learn in the university context, with the purpose of optimizing the study process and consequent learning.