El derecho a la desconexión digital: perspectiva comparada y riesgos asociados

  1. María Rosa Vallecillo Gámez 1
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Revista Internacional y Comparada de Relaciones Laborales y Derecho del Empleo
  1. Esperanza Macarena Sierra Benítez (coord.)

ISSN: 2282-2313

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 8

Issue: 1

Pages: 210-238

Type: Article

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For the first time after the industrial revolution, technology and its uses have consequences for the citizens both in their private and in their traditional sphere, even eliminating – or at best diluting – the gap between them. This is the meaning of the recent regulation of the right to disconnect in France, in Spain and the new proposals in others countries and the reflections that its entry into force has caused in the whole of society. With this scene, it is necessary to ask, how to combine the objectives of the new organization of work and the development of enterprises with the protection of the rights and freedoms of workers? How can collective performance and the satisfaction of the individual demands of workers be combined, considering economic imperatives, but also technological innovations and workers’ expectations? And, above all, what model of management is imposed and what future awaits us?