Cuentos para no dormir

  1. Cristina Callejón Hernández
Derecho y Cambio Social

ISSN: 2224-4131

Datum der Publikation: 2014

Jahr: 11

Nummer: 38

Art: Artikel

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Criminality has always existed and, with this, I don´t only mean that it has existed since the world began (the Bible itself begins with a fratricide), but it is within our person and our culture from birth. Cartoons characters are usually divided into two sides: the goodies and the baddies ones who, in the case of being real, they could be charged with a great number of crimes. But traditional fairytales, in spite of being modified, include high doses of criminality. For instance, were Hansel and Gretel victims of a crime of abandonment? Was Dumbo an abducted child? Was Cinderella dignity assaulted? However, at the same time as we grow up, criminality continues to be present in our lives. This is best illustrated by the fact that horror films break box office records, especially if they are based on real facts. There is no shortage of urban legends which, with their pseudo-reality, leave us to decide what is true and what is fantasy .Throughout this article we will analyze all of these points leading us to the conclusion that crime has a vital importance in our society.