El encuentro entre Mercurio y Argos o los males provocados por la lisonja.

  1. López-Peláez Casellas, María Paz
Norba: Revista de arte

ISSN: 0213-2214

Year of publication: 2006

Issue: 26

Pages: 63-77

Type: Article

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  • Human Sciences: C


The encounter that took place between Mercury and Argos is one of the images employed in emblems to allude to flattery and to the evils that the sweet sounds of adulation and false praise could cause. In the next pages we will study the relevance that this topic acquired in the Early Modern period and how this particular image was transmitted, and we will do this through an analysis of emblems proceeding from various authors from different backgrounds: Barthélemy Aneau, from France; Joannes Sambucus, from Hungary; and Juan de Horozco y Covarrubias from Spain.