Among threads and looms. Maintenance activities in the Iberian societiesthe case of El Cerro de la Plaza de Armas de Puente Tablas (Jaén)

  1. Rísquez Cuenca, Carmen 1
  2. Rueda Galán, Carmen 2
  3. Herranz Sánchez, Ana B. 2
  4. Vílchez Suárez, Míriam 3
  1. 1 Universitat de València

    Universitat de València

    Valencia, España


  2. 2 Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Arqueologia Ibérica. Universidad de Jaén
  3. 3 Departamento de Prehistoria y Arqueología. Univerdidad de Granada
Saguntum: Papeles del Laboratorio de Arqueología de Valencia-Extra

ISSN: 2253-7295 2254-0512

Year of publication: 2020

Issue Title: Interweaving traditions: clothing and textiles in Bronze and Iron Age Iberia

Issue: 20

Pages: 97-111

Type: Article

More publications in: Saguntum: Papeles del Laboratorio de Arqueología de Valencia-Extra


In this paper we revise and re-interpret some of the areas in the oppidum of Puente Tablas (Jaén) for the Iberian phase (late 5th-3rd century BC), focusing on the evidence of textile weaving. In this case, we aim to analyse this activity as a productive function, endowing it with the value it merits as part of the so-called maintenance activities, linking it not only to the social sphere, but also to those of the economy and culture. In particular, this article focuses on the analysis of hitherto unpublished complexes and contexts associated with this Iberian oppidum. This analysis is crucial since the empirical base is fundamental for inferring interpretations associated with these activities. The analysis of the various selected archaeological contexts provides us information about the wide-ranging economic and social dimensions this activity acquired during this period.  

Funding information

The paper was presented as part of the Project of Excellence Resources for research into the archaeology of women and gender in Spain, GENDAR (HUM-1904), Junta de Andalucía, and of the postdoctoral research contract “Ramón y Cajal” Sub-progamme (RYC-2017-22122), Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.