A vueltas con la legalización de lo ilegal (luces y sombras del nuevo Decreto-Ley 3/2019, edificaciones irregulares en Andalucía)

  1. Salvador Martín Ros
  2. Salvador María Martín Valdivia 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Jaén

    Universidad de Jaén

    Jaén, España

    ROR https://ror.org/0122p5f64

Revista de urbanismo y edificación

ISSN: 1576-9380

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 45

Pages: 109-136

Type: Article

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  • Year 2020
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The new Decree-Law has streamlined, by means of a simplification of administrative procedures, the regulation of the non urbanizable land, eliminating diffuse legal concepts that little or nothing has solved a problem embedded in urban pollution. And even if with the new figure created (Special Plans) territorial and environmental impacts will be minimized, allowing the implementation of common infrastructures and services in areas with a certain degree of urban development in the different soil classes, the new normative text suffers in its regulation of vices and basic regulatory gaps that can make lose its virtual in practice.