Contenido en elementos metálicos de las aguas superficiales del distrito minero de Linares (Jaén)

  1. Hidalgo, M.C.
  2. Rey, J.
  3. Benavente, J.

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 1998

Issue: 24

Pages: 175-178

Type: Article

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An important mining activity on metallic sulfides ores (dykes in a granitic batholith), now abandoned, was histbrically developed in the Linares area (Jaén, Spain). Samples of leachates from minéral wastes have been studied in order to characterize the chemical quality of streamwater. Chemical analysis show high values for Mn, Fe, Pb, Cu and Al in a pH range from 7. 6 to 9.4.