Algunos hábitats de interés para la conservación en el sector Subbético

  1. Cano Carmona, Eusebio
  2. Cano Ortiz, Ana
  3. Martínez Lombardo, María Carmen
  4. Alatorre Cobos, Jorge
Studia botanica

ISSN: 0211-9714

Year of publication: 2008

Issue: 27

Pages: 143-162

Type: Article

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The ecological special characteristics that the Subbetic sector presents are well cause of presence of a good number of habitats that are considered as high-priority, for their endemic character or their rarity. Sector that presents a great substrata variability, dominating the calcareous materials that integrate islands of dolomitic materials, and that they are usually located above the 800-900 m, presenting in mountain Mágina and Cazorla flora species and own vegetation, as Scorzonera albicans Cosson, Hormathophylla baetica P. Küpfer, Pterocephalus spathulatus (Lag.) Coulder, Viola cazorlensis Gand., Arenaria alfacarensis Pamp., Genista longipes Paus. In areas to smaller altitude of 900 m of mountains Mágina, Cazorla, Pandera, areas of gypsum exist whose leaching originates in the small depressions rich soils in salts. In the soils with rock of gypsum the endemisme is abound with relative frequency Ononis tridentata L. subsp. angustifolia (Lange) Devesa & G. López, on the contrary in the rich depressions in salts a vegetation halophytic exists with endemic species of interest like Limonium quesadense Erben. The special characteristics of the territory condition species and vegetable communities of interest, such as: Saxifraga camposii Boiss. & Reut. subsp. leptophylla (Willk.) D. A. Webb, Saxifraga erioblasta Boiss. & Reut., Silene andryalifolia Pomel, Potentilla caulescens L., Helictotrichom filifolium (Lag.) Henrard var. cazorlense Romero Zarco.