El pádel.De las pistas al pádel

  1. Manuel Villena Serrano
  2. Javier Cachón Zagalaz
  3. María Luisa Zagalaz Sánchez
  4. Rosario Castro López
Alcance de la Investigación en la Educación Física: Camino hacia la calidad de vida
  1. Félix Zurita Ortega (coord.)
  2. Antonio José Pérez Cortés (coord.)
  3. Manuel Castro Sánchez (coord.)
  4. Ramón Chacón Cuberos (coord.)
  5. Tamara Espejo Garcés (coord.)

Publisher: Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación ; Universidad de Granada

ISBN: 9788469783375

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 128-142

Type: Book chapter


In this paper the scientific literature of the paddle is reviewed, since the great influx on this sport in Spain raises an in depth analysis to gather information of the main characteristics of the player: physiological, technical, tactical, biomechanical, psychological and sociological, besides The specific demands in the development of the activity and the use of the TIC's. We have reviewed the main databases: Web of Science, SPORTDiscus, Scopues, Dialnet and Google Academico and TESEO of the MECD. For their analysis, the papers have been divided into: Academic Articles and Doctoral Theses. Finally, 54 papers from different areas of knowledge related to the paddle were analyzed. The most studied subject area is 5. sports performance, technique, tactics and game analysis. Moreover, the lack of work on paddle in the Anglo-Saxon world is striking.