Un estudio de la eficacia entre tres modalidades de tratamiento para población adolescente con fobia social

  1. Luis Joaquín García López
Supervised by:
  1. José Olivares Rodríguez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Murcia

Year of defence: 2000

  1. Jesús Rodríguez Marín Chair
  2. María Dolores Hidalgo Montesinos Secretary
  3. Francisco Javier Méndez Carrillo Committee member
  4. Juan Francisco Godoy Committee member
  5. Vicente E. Caballo Manrique Committee member

Type: Thesis


The purpose of this work is to analyze the efficacy of three treatment protocols to overcome social anxiety in adolescents, in comparison to a control condition. The treatment protocols are: (1) Social Effectiveness Therapy for Adolescents-Spanish version; (2) Cognitive Behaviorasl Group Therapy (CBGT-A; Albano, Marten & Holt, 1991) and (3) Intervención en Adolescentes con Fovia Social (IAFS;Olivares & García-López, 1998). The findings suggest the statistical and clinical efficacy of the three experimental conditions, if compared to the control condition. Furthermore, the SET-A and the IAFS demonstrate improved clinical significance, while the CBGT-A shows clinical improvement at postest but less at 1-year follow-up.