Aprovechamiento del alperujo como enmienda orgánica en el olivar

  1. Concepción García-Ortiz Civantos
Supervised by:
  1. Rafael Pacheco Reyes Director
  2. Antonia Fernández Hernández Director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Fecha de defensa: 10 February 2016

  1. Miguel Angel Sanchez Monedero Chair
  2. Mª Luisa Fernández de Córdova Secretary
  3. José A. García Mesa Committee member

Type: Thesis

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Two phase olive mil waste (TPOMW), "alperujo", is a by-product that is produced in large quantities in a short period of time in the Virgin Olive Oil lndustry, causing major environmental problems which prioritizes management and revalorization plans. This by-product has a physical-chemical compos ition such it will be able to use as organic fertilizer for the crops and raw material for composting , resulting in a stabilized product that increases its potential as fertilizer and organic amendment. This thesis has been carried out to study the application of TPOMW and TPOMW compost in olive grove, their influence on nutritional status, soil composition and Virgin Olive Oil quality. The results showed that the TPOMW compost and TPOMW were classified in the group of fertilizers and organic amendments as an alternative on fertilization program for olive grove.