Implementación de un sistema de información geográfico para la calidad del agua de riego del olivar en la provincia de Jaén

  1. Juan Manuel Peragón Juárez
Supervised by:
  1. Francisco José Pérez Latorre Director
  2. Antonio Delgado Garcia Director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Fecha de defensa: 06 July 2018

  1. María del Carmen Campillo García Chair
  2. Francisco Javier Gallego Alvarez Secretary
  3. Vito Armando Laudicina Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 577184 DIALNET


This Doctoral Thesis aims to contribute to the efficient use of irrigation water in the olive orchards in the province of Jaén, based on the quality of water sources available for irrigation (surface and underground), and bearing in mind the influence of agroclimatological factor. To this end, we developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) based on multicriteria-multiobjective decision tools (EMC-EMO). The GIS system provided complex solutions in the management of irrigation water in olive groves in the Jaén province, which integrate many decision criteria. The proposed GIS-based decision-making tool has been effective in defining strategies at the regional level for irrigation management in accordance with water quality. As result, after the analysis of the information, it was obtained complex solutions that integrate different aspects of crop management with the soil-water-olive relationship.