El caso de mujeres marroquíes que realizan cuidados en Andalucía y su analogía con múltiples procesos exclusógenos en la sociedad de acogida, en época de recesión económica

  1. Morcillo Martínez, Juana María
Dirigée par:
  1. Eva María Sotomayor Morales Directrice
  2. Yolanda María de la Fuente Robles Directrice

Université de défendre: Universidad de Jaén

Fecha de defensa: 18 mars 2013

  1. Antonio López Peláez President
  2. María Dolores Escarabajal Arrieta Secrétaire
  3. Octavio Vázquez Aguado Rapporteur

Type: Thèses

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The purpose of acquiring this research is to account for the characteristics of the migration project reaches women from northern Morocco in Andalusia. In this vein, the research analyzes various factors exclusógenos derived from the precarious working conditions that support. Despite these difficulties, Moroccan women work assigned a value that is the foundation that justifies its survival in Andalucia, becoming the instrument to achieve legal status. Currently Moroccan women share the same problems of the host society, where the economic crisis has been felt strongly effects, causing the female unemployment rate exceeds its highest levels. In short, the Spanish state is noted far its participation in an economic crisis caused by economic and political structures men, who have failed to respond effectively to the problem .