Perfil de juego en pádel de alto nivel

  1. Bernardo Almonacid
Supervised by:
  1. Juan A. Párraga Montilla Director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Fecha de defensa: 16 December 2011

  1. Antonio Pascual Acosta Chair
  2. Milagros Arteaga Checa Secretary
  3. Patricia I. Sosa González Committee member
  4. Miguel Angel Morales Cevidanes Committee member
  5. Aurelio Ureña Espá Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 330558 DIALNET lock_openRUJA editor


Knowledge of the demands ot game in sport is one of the research lines more developed, to know the different variants and invariants that allow to improve performance. Paddle, a great variability sport, requires the use of methodologies that respect competition situations. Whereas the structure of the game, there are many variables, with no defined order, which need to know to establish the necessary strategies for improvement. The objective of the study is to describe high-Ievel paddle game profile. With 16 sample games and taking the set as reference, will identify the factors that help understand the structure, the operation and the events that occurs. Relying on an observational methodology we will make an analysis from three different perspectives: from de own set, form a comparison between the set of winners and losers, and from the type of technical striking.