El turismo como instrumento de desarrollo económicoun análisis de los factores determinantes

  1. Pablo Juan Cárdenas García
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Ignacio Pulido Fernández Director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Year of defence: 2012

  1. Eugeni Aguiló Pérez Chair
  2. Marcelino Sánchez Rivero Secretary
  3. Salvatore Bimonte Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The main contributions to the debate on the relationship between tourism and development show that even when the economic growth derived from tourism activity presents limitations to become a tool for improving the socioeconomic conditions of the population, this need not impede that tourism can become a tool for development. However, it cannot be said that tourism is, automatically, the solution for any country that seeks to improve the living conditions of its society. What does seem clear is the need for the existence of certain starting conditions to channel tourism growth into economic development. This paper demonstrates the potential of tourism in economic development processes and identifies the factors that foster or hinder the creation of an enabling environment that favours the transformation of this activity into an improvement of the living conditions of the population