María Josefa Segoviauna intelectual del siglo XX

  1. Carmen María Sánchez Morillas
Supervised by:
  1. Guadalupe Saiz Muñoz Director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Year of defence: 2011

  1. Consuelo Flecha García Chair
  2. Encarnación Medina Arjona Secretary
  3. Fanny Rubio Committee member
  4. Eugenio Maqueda Cuenca Committee member
  5. Àngels Santa Bañeres Committee member

Type: Thesis

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Analysis of the biography and work of Maria Josefa Segovia Moron, an intellectual from the early twentieth century whose extensive written production places it among the most prolific thinkers of his time. Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Spain started a trend in educational renewal that it based its foundations on which the individual should receive training in all aspects of contemplase person, without making any distinction between men and women. Father Poveda and Maria Josefa Segovia, founder of the Teresian Association. In this thesis treats the figure of Maria Josefa Segovia, her biography and literary production. It deals with sociological and educational material. It also highlights their role as creator of student associations, founder of educational magazines, and cultural, always guided by its clear vocation of educating women.